Slate dressing

Roof Slating Services, Stamford, Lincolnshire

Collyweston Stone Slate

We re-dress and fix each individual slate with the knowledge and expertise that has been proudly past down from generations before.

Collyweston Stone Slate roofs are a distinctive feature on many historic buildings in counties such as Lincolnshire, Rutland and South West Cambridgeshire.

Traditional Natural Blue Slate

Stonefort Construction also specialises in working with this unique slate. We can restore your roof by using reclaimed blue slates or source new slates from our trusted network of suppliers in countries including Wales, China, Spain and India.

Clay & Concrete Roofing Tiles

Both Clay and Concrete Plain Tiles are commonly used in today’s trade. We can maintain or refurbish your existing roof, or simply lay a new one with the tile of your choice.

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